15 July 2019

How Could Someone Find Their Revenue By Asset By Country?

  • Check the revenue report.
  • Check the Ads Partner Revenue Asset report.
  • Check the Asset report.
  • Check the Demographics report.

If An Asset Owner Doesn’t Set A Policy In A Territory They Have Ownership, What Policy Gets Applied?

  • Monetize
  • Track
  • No policy
  • Block

In A Multi-Claim Scenario, If One Asset Owner Has A Block Policy, And Another Asset Owner Has A Monetize Policy, How Does YouTube Prioritize The Policies?

  • YouTube merges the policies (Block + Monetize = Track).
  • YouTube randomly assigns one of the owner’s policies.
  • YouTube applies the most restrictive policy (Block).
  • YouTube applies the least restrictive policy (Monetize).

In A Multi-Claim Scenario, One Asset Has No Ownership Specified For Some Territories. Which Default Match Policy Would YouTube Apply To Claims In Those Territories?

  • Block
  • Monetize
  • Track
  • Takedown

You’ve Received A Warning For Content ID Abuse. In Reviewing Bad Claims, You Notice A Lot Of Issues Stem From A Single Channel Whose Content Consists Entirely Of Movie Trailers Licensed From Studios. After Deactivating The Bad References And Releasing Invalid Claims, What Else Might You Do?

  • Remove the channel’s ability to create references
  • Require all claims be routed for manual review
  • Remove the channel from your content owner
  • Delete all of the channel’s videos

A Partner Is Looking For A Way To Keep Track Of User-Uploaded Videos That Match Content They Own. When Using Downloadable Reports, What Field Might Be Helpful When Linking Multiple Reports To Build Connections?

  • Claim Origin
  • Content Type
  • Owner Policy
  • Asset ID

How Could You Prevent Your YouTube Video From Being Seen In Indonesia?

  • Set viewing restrictions in your asset metadata
  • Remove Indonesia from your asset ownership
  • Block views from any mobile devices
  • Add policy to Block if viewer location is Indonesia

What Three Revenue Sources Are Available Directly Through The YouTube Platform?

  • Ads, asset, and subscription.
  • Ads, transaction, and asset.
  • Ads, transaction, and subscription.
  • Asset, transaction, and subscription.

What Can Happen If A Video Is Claimed By Multiple Assets?

  • The video’s revenue can exceed the revenue of the individual assets.
  • Neither asset owner will be paid until the conflict is resolved.
  • The asset’s revenue can exceed the revenue of the individual videos.
  • Consult the Claims report to investigate asset use by other channels.

Which Downloadable Report Can Help Separate Ad Revenue By Asset For Payouts?

  • Ad Rates.
  • Revenue.
  • Ads Partner Revenue Asset
  • Asset.

Which Is A Downloadable Report?

  • Revenue.
  • Video.
  • Ad rates
  • Demographics.

Why Might Revenue In The Asset Report Not Match Revenue In The Video Report?

  • This might occur when assets and the videos they claim have different monetization policies enabled.
  • This happens when a video contains multiple assets. Revenue from all assets should add up to video’s revenue.
  • This only happens with music, if ownership is split between performance and composition assets.
  • This can happen when an asset has multiple owners in different territories: revenue can vary from country to country.

Where Can Partners Find Final, Reportable Revenue Information?

  • Monthly Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • Weekly Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • AdSense report.
  • Revenue report.

What’s A Good Strategy To Maximize Asset Revenue?

  • Be selective about which ad types you choose to enable.
  • Upload reference files and activate claims in a timely way.
  • Select a default usage policy of “block” on all assets.
  • Only monetize longer format videos.

It’s July 1 And The Finance Department Needs Revenue Totals From June For Accounting Purposes. Where Can They Find The Number They Should Use?

  • The earliest that figure will be available is July 10.
  • In the Revenue report in YouTube Analytics.
  • In the downloadable monthly Ads Partner Revenue reports.
  • In the downloadable monthly Ad Rates report.