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25 July 2019

Why Is It Important To Identify The Traffic Sources Of Subscribers?

  • To identify how subcribers are engaging with your content
  • To distinguish how subscribers and non-subscribers interact with your calls-to-action
  • To determine which device your non-subscribers are discovering your content from
  • To focus your promotional efforts where subscribers are discovering your content

Which One Of The Following Questions Would Need Multiple Measurements?

  • Do we have a channel trailer?
  • How many videos have cards enabled?
  • Which videos are watched the most by subscribers versus non-subscribers?
  • What is our largest traffic source?

How Can You Easily Find Out How Channel Visuals Look On Mobile Devices?

  • Hire a major graphic design agency.
  • Use the Mobile Simulation Tool.
  • Ask viewers to add comments if they detect any issues.
  • Download YouTube’s Channel Art Templates.

Which One Of The Following Is Not Something You Would Check For When Evaluating How Thumbnails Drive Discovery?

  • Any words in thumbnails are easy to read.
  • Thumbnails correctly set viewer expectations about content.
  • Thumbnails look visually compelling.
  • Thumbnails are low-resolution images so that they load quickly.

What Is The Benefit Of Using A Branding Watermark?

  • Allows viewers to subscribe to the channel without leaving the video they are watching
  • Prevents anyone from using the content without permission
  • Informs viewers of the channel’s social media links
  • Enables an audio chime to be embedded in every video to identify the brand