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25 July 2019

What Is A Good Reason For Analyzing A Channel’s Content Strategy?

  • To deter viewers from skipping ads
  • To inform programming and format choices
  • To determine which video is most likely to become a standout hit
  • To flag content that is offensive or inappropriate

What Is A Direct Way To Earn Revenue On YouTube?

  • Conducting Brand Lift surveys
  • Producing content that is eligible for monetization
  • Selling remarketing lists of video viewers
  • Claiming ownership of fan reaction videos

You Have English Videos, But Discover That Viewership Is High In Asian Countries Where Other Languages Are Spoken. What Might You Consider Doing To Better Target This Audience?

  • Change the publishing schedule so new videos release at 8am in Asia.
  • Hire a voice actor to dub over every video into all Asian languages.
  • Create playlists exclusively for Asian audiences.
  • Identify the top Asian countries, then consider adding translated captions and metadata for the top performing videos.

Why Is It Important To Look At How Many Subscribers Are Gained For Each Video?

  • To determine which device your non-subscribers are watching your content from
  • To see where subscribers drop off in your video
  • To identify how views affect your subscriber count
  • To determine which video and what type of creative drives viewers to subscribe

How Is The Media Landscape Changing?

  • Viewers are shifting from passive viewers to active viewers.
  • Teens and millennials are watching more live broadcast TV.
  • Viewers are on fewer devices when watching TV.
  • More adults prefer cable TV over online video platforms.