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25 July 2019

Ad Formats Are Requested In Which Order?

  • Overlay, Instream, Display
  • Instream, Display, Overlay
  • Display, Overlay, Instream
  • Instream, Overlay, Display

Which Order Outlines What Ad Formats Take Up The Most To Least Space On The Video Player?

  • Skippable, Overlay, Display
  • Skippable, Display Overlay
  • Overlay, Skippable, Display
  • Overlay, Display, Skippable

Which Compare Metric Would You Use With The Watch Time Report To Determine Whether Channel Programming Is Hero, Hub, Or Help?

  • Videos added
  • Videos published
  • Subscribed & non-subscribed
  • Average percentage viewed

Why Is It Important To Assess Discovery On YouTube?

  • There is a direct correlation between discovery and video length.
  • Knowledge of discovery allows you to optimize the channel for optimum views.
  • You need to understand who is visiting the channel in order to serve the appropriate ads to them.
  • Channels with lower discovery should focus solely on viral videos.

Where Can You Get The Most Measurable Data To Analyze The Performance Of A Channel?

  • YouTube Dashboard
  • YouTube Blog
  • Google Insights
  • YouTube Analytics

Which One Of These Techniques Is Suggested To Improve The Performance Of Cards?

  • Include a verbal call-to-action when the card appears.
  • Enable cards for desktop viewers only.
  • Insert all cards in the first 15 seconds of the video.
  • Add at least 5 cards to each video.

Which Of The Following Ways Can You Use YouTube Analytics To Look At How Well Your Ads Are Doing Across A Channel’s Videos?

  • Review the Ad rates report to see how different types of ads are performing.
  • Review the Revenue report to get final earnings from each of the different ad types.
  • Review the Benchmark report to review your revenue streams.
  • Review the Transaction revenue report to see how many times ads were sold on your videos.

Which Could Be A Reason That Two Videos With Similar Monetizable View Counts Earn Different Revenue?

  • Differing video resolution across videos
  • Number of likes and dislikes
  • Enablement of different ad formats
  • Privacy settings

You Have An English Channel And Notice That More Viewership Is Starting To Come From Two Latin American Countries That Speak Spanish And Portuguese. What Is Something Simple You Can Consider Doing To Maximize This Opportunity?

  • Produce new videos in Spanish and Portuguese with local talent immediately.
  • Add subtitles/CC and localized metadata for these countries’ languages.
  • Produce dubbed videos in Spanish and Portuguese and start new channels for these languages.
  • Keep your videos as English only to stay focused on your primary audience.

What Is A Recommended Action To Support Hub Content Programming?

  • Check out Google Trends for high-volume searches in the category.
  • Communicate the publishing schedule in the video description.
  • Model the programming schedule after another channel with a lot of subscribers.
  • Explore collaborations or cross-promotions to amplify content.

How Can You Effectively Measure Which Content Resonates With Subscribers?

  • Use the Comments report and filter for comments from non-subscribers.
  • Use the Watch time report overlayed with the comparison metric “audience preference”.
  • Use the Subscribers report and select “Subscribers lost” for the last 30 days.
  • Use the Watch time report overlayed with the comparison metric “subscribers”.

If Your Demographic Changes On Your Latest Video Series And You See Lower Audience Retention Rates, Which Is The Least Likely Next Step?

  • Review how much this series alone affects overall watch time.
  • Do nothing, since audience match is not important for channel growth.
  • Make a decision on whether the content in this series should change.
  • Review traffic sources to see how different audiences are discovering this new series.

Which Is Not An Example Of A Measurable Question That You Can Ask During A Channel Assessment?

  • Does the audience demographic on the channel’s latest video series match the expected demographic?
  • What percentage of our viewers come from mobile devices?
  • What should we do next on our channel?
  • Which groups of videos are being watched the most by subscribers?

Which Is A Good Example Of A Mission Statement For A YouTube Channel?

  • Bring the most delicious food content around — with features, explainers, animations, recipes, and much more.
  • Efficiently provide access to high-quality services as well as endeavor to proactively embrace best-of-breed deliverables.
  • Give people a voice and a chance to succeed, bring them together, and show them the world.
  • Make great content that everyone will love and share.

If A Serious News Channel Has A Mission To “Shine A Light On Underreported Stories Around The Globe,” What Might It Want To Feature In Its Channel Trailer?

  • A request for subscribers to provide funding for new content
  • A message to political leaders to reform government
  • An amusing interview with reporter outtakes
  • Video clip examples of these underreported stories and a call-to-action to subscribe

What Is The Recommended First Step In A Channel Assessment?

  • Develop a roadmap for growing a channel and business on YouTube
  • Ask important questions to uncover key learnings about a channel
  • Experiment with two different programming strategies to see the results
  • Collect and analyze subscriber data from YouTube Analytics

What Action Could You Take To Optimize Content If You See Repeated Dips In Your Audience Retention Curve?

  • Review the content around the dips and consider eliminating or shortening elements that consistently result in dips and declines.
  • Edit the video so it ends at the initial dip.
  • Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.
  • Create more videos similar to this one, since this is regarded as the ideal audience retention.

How Might You Determine The Target Audience Before Starting A YouTube Channel?

  • Conduct a competitive analysis to determine what demographic responds well to the types of content the channel makes.
  • Conduct an online poll.
  • Go with your instincts.
  • Review the channel’s Demographics report.

How Can Taking A Snapshot Of Your Channel Performance Help You With Assessing Your Channel?

  • To establish a baseline benchmark to compare against goals.
  • To compare online and offline advertising budgets.
  • To determine which single video contributed the most revenue.
  • To measure short-term performance improvements.

What Is An Estimated Monetized Playback (EMP)?

  • The approximate number of the channel’s views that resulted in an ad impression
  • The approximate number of playbacks that had allowable ads for monetization
  • The approximate number of monetized views that resulted from an ad shown
  • The approximate number of subscribers who saw an ad