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15 July 2019

What Are The Implications Of Not Setting A Match Policy In A Multi-Claim Scenario?

  • Your desired match policy may not be applied to claimed user videos.
  • You cannot issue a DMCA takedown on user videos.
  • Any claimed videos will be blocked automatically.
  • Other content owners will have their match policies suspended.

What Type Of Data Is Only Added To Reports After A Month Has Ended?

  • Watch time.
  • Finalized revenue.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Estimated revenue.

If You And Other Partners Own A Single Asset In Different Territories, How Would Content ID Handle Claiming Against A User-Uploaded Video?

  • There can only be one claim per asset for each user video.
  • This produces a claim conflict, which owners must resolve.
  • Content ID generates a unique claim for each asset owner.
  • An asset can have up to 5 claims against a single video.

What Would Be A Good Reason To Reexamine A Custom Policy?

  • Claims from multiple territories
  • A large number of disputed claims
  • An invalid reference in your ToDo queue
  • A slight decline in claims after 6 months

What Might Happen If A Partner Disregards An Asset Ownership Conflict?

  • The partner may have to remove the asset.
  • The partner may not be able to create new assets.
  • The partner may lose revenue from this asset until the conflict is resolved.
  • The partner may recieve a Community Guidelines strike.