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15 July 2019

How Could Someone Find Their Revenue By Asset By Country?

  • Check the revenue report.
  • Check the Ads Partner Revenue Asset report.
  • Check the Asset report.
  • Check the Demographics report.

If An Asset Owner Doesn’t Set A Policy In A Territory They Have Ownership, What Policy Gets Applied?

  • Monetize
  • Track
  • No policy
  • Block

In A Multi-Claim Scenario, If One Asset Owner Has A Block Policy, And Another Asset Owner Has A Monetize Policy, How Does YouTube Prioritize The Policies?

  • YouTube merges the policies (Block + Monetize = Track).
  • YouTube randomly assigns one of the owner’s policies.
  • YouTube applies the most restrictive policy (Block).
  • YouTube applies the least restrictive policy (Monetize).

In A Multi-Claim Scenario, One Asset Has No Ownership Specified For Some Territories. Which Default Match Policy Would YouTube Apply To Claims In Those Territories?

  • Block
  • Monetize
  • Track
  • Takedown

You’ve Received A Warning For Content ID Abuse. In Reviewing Bad Claims, You Notice A Lot Of Issues Stem From A Single Channel Whose Content Consists Entirely Of Movie Trailers Licensed From Studios. After Deactivating The Bad References And Releasing Invalid Claims, What Else Might You Do?

  • Remove the channel’s ability to create references
  • Require all claims be routed for manual review
  • Remove the channel from your content owner
  • Delete all of the channel’s videos