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6 July 2019

Waze Local Advanced Assessment Answers 2019

Which File Type(S) Can You Use For Your Waze Local Ad Creative?

If A Client Wanted To Reach Drivers For A Wednesday Afternoon Only Campaign, Could They Do This?

  • Yes, with day part targeting
  • No, not on a specific day of the week
  • No, not at a specific time
  • No, Waze Local ads are random

What Types Of Account Management Capabilities Does The Waze Local Starter Dashboard Offer?

  • Add Locations
  • Edit Business/Location Information
  • Change Budget/Invoice information
  • All of these

What Account Management Capabilities Does The Waze Local Plus Dashboard Offer?

  • Switch between accounts
  • Export performance reports
  • Edit business / location information
  • All of these

Waze Local’s “Billboards With A Digital Backbone”? Reach Drivers Where?

  • At point of departure or destination
  • At a static point along the roadside
  • Throughout the transition from departure to destination and along the journey
  • None of these

In Designing Your Waze Local Creative, You’re Encouraged To Think Of Your Waze Ads As Which Of The Following?

  • Newspaper classified or magazine campaigns
  • Repurposed digital ads cut from the Internet
  • Billboards and signs
  • Television commercials

What Should You Consider To Write A High-Impact, Aligned CTA For Your Waze Local Ad?

  • Your campaign’s end goal
  • Waze Local’s CTA
  • Your campaign’s end goal and Waze Local’s CTA
  • A CTA repurposed from your digital campaigns

Copy For Waze Local Campaigns Should Follow A Recommended Character Limit Of _______?

  • 25 characters or less
  • 60 characters or less
  • 100 characters or less
  • 200 characters or less

Which Of The Following Is NOT Considered A User Action In The Waze Dashboards?

  • Ad Unit Clicks
  • Views (Impressions)
  • URL Visits
  • Navigations

What Types Of Aggregated Performance Reports Can You Receive In The Waze Local Plus Dashboard?

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Both of these
  • Neither of these

On Average, What Navigational Increase Do Businesses Experience When They Advertise On Waze Local?

Almost ⅓ Of The Wazers You Reach On Waze Local Live Within How Many Miles Of Your Business?

What Additional Performance Tracking Metrics Does The Waze Local Plus Dashboard Include?

  • Navigation History
  • Save Clicks
  • Inbox Impressions and Action Clicks
  • All of these

What Do The Waze Dashboards Allow You To Do?

  • Manage your Starter or Plus account settings
  • Track the performance of your campaign
  • View and edit your Creatives
  • All of these

When Designing Waze Local Ads, All Brand Messaging And Creative Assets Should Be _______?

  • Short and sweet
  • Simple
  • Contextual
  • All of these

What Are Among The Top Advertiser Categories On Waze Local?

  • QSRs / CDRs
  • Health care
  • Convenience stores
  • All of these

To Whom Do We Offer Custom Creative For Waze Local Campaigns?

  • Certified Partners
  • Preferred Partners
  • Waze Local Starter advertisers
  • None of these

Waze Users Spend How Many Minutes Per Day, Two To Three Times Per Day On The App?

  • 2 to 3
  • 5 to 10
  • 50 to 20
  • 20 to 40