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25 September 2019

Fill In The Blank: Employee Advocacy Works Better For ______ Companies.

What Is The Recommended Number Of Social Media Channels To Concentrate On For The Purpose Of A/B Testing?

Mark The True Statement.

  • Social media today represents the convergence of communication and information
  • Social media is meant only for sharing personal content and maintaining personal relationships
  • Blogs are good for individuals but not for businesses

True Or False? You Should Use KPIs Or Metrics To Determine Your Social Media Campaign’s Success Only If Your Business Goal Is Sales.

True Or False? Since Salespeople Operate From Their Personal Profiles, They Can Engage And Connect With Anyone, And They Should Take Advantage Of This Opportunity To Expand Their Network And Expose Their Company’s Content To A Larger Audience.

True Or False? Embedding Custom Pixel To Your Website Helps Retarget People Who Should Already Have An Affinity For You But For Some Reason Have Not Converted To Liking Your Page Or Engaging With Your Content.

True Or False? The LinkedIn Blogging Platform Is Available For Both Personal And Business Pages.

True Or False? Repeatedly Publishing Blog Posts Targeting The Exact Same Keywords Isn’t A Good Strategy Because All Of These Blog Posts Will Compete With Each Other For Indexing In Search Engines.