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11 July 2019

Google Educator Level 1 Exam Answers

Mr. Perry Has Bookmarked A Large Number Of Webpages In Chrome While Researching Class Topics. Unfortunately, He’s Bookmarked So Many That He’s Struggling To Find Relevant Content Quickly. What Can He Do To Simplify This?

  • Delete bookmarks that are not urgently required and search for them again when they are needed
  • Use the search function in the Chrome Bookmark Manager
  • Rename bookmarks so they are labeled clearly
  • Create a Doc that lists all favorite websites with links
  • Organize bookmarks into themed folders

Ms. Pietersen Is The Deputy Principal In A School Split Across Two Sites. She Travels Regularly Between The Two Sites By Bus, But Is Annoyed With The Amount Of Time She Wastes Traveling. She Would Like To Make Better Use Of Her Commute Time. What Can She Do?

  • She can use the Offline View app on her smartphone to download an offline version of all unread emails so she can read her emails while traveling.
  • She can use the YouTube app on her smartphone to listen to music and use that time to relax between on-site meetings.
  • She can use the Gmail mobile app on her smartphone to access her school email account to read, send, and reply to emails.
  • She can turn on the Agenda app on her PC before she travels, which will sort her tasks and meetings while she’s traveling and arrange them in priority order when she’s back at her PC.

Mrs. Powell Is Looking At Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Printing Undertaken In Class. How Can Google Drive Help?

  • Google Drive can automatically reformat documents before printing to save on paper
  • Google Drive makes files easily accessible from anywhere, so there is less need to print and carry documents into class
  • Google Drive can be configured so the printing of files in class is password protected
  • All class print requests can be rerouted in Google Drive to the school office
  • Files in Google Drive can be shared with a simple link in an email. No need to print a copy for someone in class

Mr. Elba Is Editing A Presentation In Google Slides And Wants To Improve The Appearance Of The Slides. What Visual Elements Can He Incorporate Into His Presentation To Make It More Visually Appealing?

  • Embed relevant YouTube videos to break up the text and presentation
  • Insert fonts and color combinations intentionally to attract attention to key elements of the lesson
  • Use as much text as possible to provide a more thorough understanding of the content
  • Change the background color of the slides so they are not all white
  • Insert audio files to play sound effects and music at specific slides